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Finding your guides
Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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What our visitors are saying:


SpiritGuides.com Guest:
"I would really love to know who my spirit guide is. I have no idea how to go about doing this. Where do you start?"


SpiritGuides.com Guest:
"I have been drawn to 11:11, but goes farther on to seeing many numerical patterns from 999 to 10:10 and so on. I have also had strange sensations of things seen in the sky, as well. There is a meaning I have yet to touch upon and am requesting guidance with this."


SpiritGuides.com Guest:
"I recently found out that my father, who is no longer with us, was able to, while sleeping, separate his soul from his body and walk around the house. My mother told me that this frightened him a bit. He usually felt like something bad would happen to him. Do you know why this would be? Also, I was told that his spirit guide was a white buffalo. What does a white buffalo guide mean? Thank you for your time."


SpiritGuides.com Guest:
"Why do I always feel that there are dead people around me? I see shadows frquently. Am not afraid."


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