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Finding your guides
Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are a band of entities that are with you from birth and vary in their participation depending on your situation in life.  There are guides that impart wisdom, bring you comfort and joy, provide spiritual enlightenment, offer guidance in practical and financial matters and provide assistance in any situation in your life that might arise.

Sedona Vortex Getting to Know Your Unseen Helpers

The key to unlocking the guidance from your own personal spirit guides is learning to establish communication and the practice of invoking their assistance on a daily basis.  Guides come and go throughout your life as your need for their specific information and guidance comes and goes.  It is said that certain “Master Guides” are with you your entire lifetime and perhaps help you pass into the afterlife.

Your spirit guides and teachers are normally of a higher consciousness and vibration frequency and are thus able to give knowledge and wisdom to their charges on the earth plane.  Their purpose is to guide you in specific areas of thought and karmic issues.  That is why we have multiple spirit guides assigned to each of us, most of which have specialized “training” - for lack of better words – in the areas of interest where we seek guidance.

Spirit communication or guidance is nothing more than communication with entities just like yourself.  As you grow, they grow as well.  That’s not to say that their information is always correct but should always be taken as any other advise would be, to listen, understand and choose what information seems right to you.  We have free will and it should always be exercised.

Contacting your Spirit Guides

To know your spirit guides and seek their name and purpose is the goal of many individuals.  Further understanding of your guide’s cultural background will perhaps give you further clues to their influence in your life.  Once you know their name, you can open your mind to seek information or symbols that help you connect to your spirit guides and give you clues that they are around you at any given time.

Some seek to find their spirit guides through automatic writing.  This is often practiced with paper and pencil loosely in hand and by entering a lighter form of meditation, allowing the thoughts to flow onto the paper through automatically in writing.  Most commonly, spirit guides are revealed through meditation or the dream state.  By making a conscience effort to contact your spirit guides, they will often reveal themselves in this manner.  Be aware of any signs of symbols that they are present.  Sense when certain names or visions come to pass on a regular basis.  To seek your spirit guides in dreams, repeatedly ask that they reveal themselves in dream before you go to sleep each night.  This could take days or years depending on your efforts.  Keep a dream diary and always right down your dreams upon waking before they evaporate in the light of day and the ego takes charge.  Review your diary from time-to-time and see if a pattern or name starts to emerge.  As with achieving anything worthwhile, patience and practice is often required to seek and get to know your spirit guides.


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