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Finding your guides
Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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We all need inspiration from time-to-time. It can heal us, guide us, answer questions and subside the opposite of all faith, fear. Below are some articles of inspiration for your pleasure.

SpiritGuides.com Inspriational Messages
Thomas Moore - Mystic Clouds and Natural Spirituality

" Just as clouds appear out of the evaporation and cndensation of the deep waters of the sea, so a spiritual sensibility rises directly out of the human encounter with the natural world. In this way, soul and spirit remain united, because in nature we find both the depths of our mysteriousness and the heights of our possibilities."

SpiritGuides.com Meeting MacLaine
The Founder - SpiritGuides.com

Shirley MacLaine's mini-series "Out on a Limb" in the early '80s has been quite instrumental in my personal development. However, It wasn't until much later that I fully understood her missions and purpose. More

SpiritGuides.com Close to Spirit
Sedona Vortexes - Sedona, AZ U.S.

There is nothing quite as moving as being in Sedona Arizona. From the vortexes, to the breathtaking scenery, to the drive along the canyon river to Flagstaff - it's no less that simply amazing. Find out more about Sedona


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