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Finding your guides
Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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From the Founder
Besides being a "portal" for spiritual information, SpiritGuides.com is also a tool to seek like-minded clients (and prospective clients) that require assistance with their Internet, advertising and promotional needs. I must work to live and support this site.

Building a business on integrity and honesty.
We all must perform our life's work. Since launching my business in July of 2000, I have dedicated my efforts to seeking like-minded clients that prefer doing business with others that follow a similar code of ethics. Sometimes a difficult task in aftermath of the "do it and run" and "top dollar fees" days in the "dot-com" industry, I have always been blessed with seeking, find and providing services for other businesses of integrity.

Our firm commitment to high moral business standards are intact. We welcome and encourage those motivated to seek our expertise to review our talents or visit our corporate Web site located at www.holmesinnovations.com and fill out our contact us form on the site for more information. Our basic line of professional services are listed below.


Internet Design, Development and Technologies
Tired of not having a Web site and frustrated by less-than-friendly HTML editing programs? Does your current site look like a first grade student worked on it? The forte' of Spirit Guides/Holmes Innovations and we can use our vast Internet experience to propel your business into the REAL world of I-Net opportunities.


Over 20 years of experience in advertising, publishing and the Internet has added a unique dimension to our marketing offering. From business analysis, to promotion development, we assist business partners with developing their vision from concept - to success.


Be it print collateral, brand identity or the necessary tools for a new product rollout, Spirit Guides/Holmes Innovations can assist you in a multitude of disciplines. Our interests and experience range from simple SOHO business development, to experience with Fortune500-100 corporations.


Our decades of experience in the B-to-B (trade) publishing arena has made us a leader in publishing design, redesign and prototype/launch creation. From magazine design to creating a direct mail circulation renewal series that GETS RESULTS, we are the professionals for your venture.


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