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Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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Kindred Spirits with Shirley MacLaine
An unresolved acquaintance

Having been a mystic since I was a child, I had the fortunate accident - as if there were such a thing - of taping Shirley MacLaine's mini-series Out on a Limb in the early '80s. I taped the original showing on a whim and is has been quite instrumental in my personal development. However, It wasn't until much later that I fully understood her missions and purpose.

Out on a LimbAs time has progressed, I have found an intricate synchronicity with her that still goes unexplained. I am sure that we will someday meet to find out what it's all about. I had the opportunity in 1991 of seeing her passing by the corner of my office building on 57th & 7th street in New York City, presumably with her daugher Sachi at her side. After all those years and countless times of watching Out on a Limb I simply sat there, not even saying hello.

Whether walking down Malibu Beach and knowing she is somewhere near, there has been an interesting crossing of events that somehow make us brethren. Don't be concerned I'll contact you Ms. MacLaine, you can contact me first should you be led here.

Most importantly ...
Ms. MacLaine has been a leader. An innovator that has long ago taken the time to stick out her neck and say as she feels. I want to personally thank her for leading the way in the public eye, taking adversity and controversy head on. I'm sure you are quite satisfied with your taking the "heat" early on to get us to the awareness we are today - right Ms. MacLaine?

Because of such leaders, we are now one thousand percent more open with our minds and our concepts. In fact, the spiritual realm is becoming almost commonplace. No doubt even media giants such as Oprah Winfrey have added these segments to her own show because of Shirley - in some direct or indirect fashion.

The saga will continue.
For now it's been an interesting ride down the path of integrity - often single file and less traveled. But that's all right. May this and other thoughts find Ms. MacLaine and other spiritual patriots on the path.

I'll let everyone know when we finally meet and settle our purpose.

The Founder - SpiritGuides.com


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