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Finding your guides
Your guides wish to help you. Mediate asking their name, call for them to reveal themselves in dreams. Be patient.

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We receive SO many stories, information and personal experiences from our contact us mail form. We will continue to post some of the interesting and heart-warming stories that come to us from our Web visitors. Below are some examples.


SpiritGuides.com - From the Founder

Thanking Shirley MacLaine
I wanted to thank Ms. Shirley MacLaine for her inspiration in my life. I first became aware of 'spirituality' from first watching and being COMPLETELY engaged in her mini-series "Out on a Limb" in the '80's. I find a deep connection with her and I will sometime publish the story about our connecting on this site as it was on the old SpiritGuides.com.

I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Ms. MacLaine while taking a break from my office at 888 7th Avenue in NY in the late 90's. When Shirley one day walked by - presumably with her daughter - I was so dumbfounded, I didn't have the wit about me to say hello, not that I would have interrupted her conversation anyway.

But like I said, I will re-publish that story about Ms. MacLaine and relate my gratitude to her later in 2009. I believe Shirley and I are on a mission to connect for a purpose. More importantly, I strongly recommend that you make the effort to see Out on a Limb. It is as relevant today as the day it was made - probably more so. If nothing else, consider her (paraphrased) line in the movie:

"I just feel that something is missing. It's not about fame or money, it's simply the feeling that something is missing, that there's more to life that just 'this'".

What line from the 1980's could be more relevant RIGHT NOW? The universe is growing smaller and our spiritual growth and connections need to be closer.

- Mitchell Holmes, Founder - SpiritGuides.com


SpiritGuides.com Guest:

Since August of 2007, we have been cataloging photographs and videos that until this point in our existence have never been documented in previous history to our knowledge. We have been absolutely compelled to get out and capture this phenomenon since last August in all weather conditions because of its incredible nature.

The images appear in various shapes and sizes, and also seem to be making what look like “Aerial Crop Circles”. We have spoken with many individuals in the paranormal field and they feel these are related to the changes in the earth's atmosphere and more photonic energy entering our planet. We can feel their presence and believe they are “Benevolent Spirits” here to help our planet at a time in history where it is desperately needed.
We believe that people will be amazed to know of their existence. We have done some serious soul searching to decide when to release this information, and we strongly feel that the Mayan Prophecies are coming to pass, and the hour is upon us to enlighten the world to their existence and help awaken humanity to its calling.

These benevolent beings could awaken the world to the previously unknown. We truly believe that this could chart never before explored territory, much like the exploration of Christopher Columbus, to prove to the world that the earth wasn't really flat at all.

Many of the images appear to be very Mayan looking in their appearance which leads me to believe, did the Mayan civilization really have it right? Will the year 2012 be what so many are now predicting, as the Mayan Civilization previously did?

The patterns of “Sacred Geometry” are absolutely incredible. We would welcome any information or possible interpretation for study to see if these beings could be sending messages for humanity at a time where help is so badly needed in the world. We have a short Youtube video for your viewing pleasure at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As6rr195Z_U or visit our website at http://www.benevolentspirits.com//


- Linda & Larry


SpiritGuides.com Guest:

I just wanted to share that my boyfriend and I are on a VERY spiritual journey - one that we waited 40 years to take together. We recently met our spirit guide, her name is Eva. We have had every possible thing against us, yet we succeed in all we try to accomplish - we believe due to Eva's assistance. It's not like we see her, but we have gotten her name several times in our pendulum, oujia work.

I wanted to let you know that I was raised catholic and have a very strong faith---it has grown immensely after losing my mother at 55, also contemplating suicide---until I met Matt. We believed all the same things, believed all our lives that there was more out there--and even with all the negativity and people telling us we were wrong, we continued to know...now, that Eva has brought us together, we don't want to be apart for even a second. We are so spiritually connected and best friends.

It is so nice to have someone who shares your beliefs and wants to continue learning. Its nice to have someone to eat anchovies with too! :) I appreciate your site and wish you the best of luck and blessed be.


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